Thursday, September 20, 2012

Advancing oh so slowly

I've got to learn to say no better.

Okay, some progress here. Coming down the wall and starting the next four panes in the window. I can't believe it was August 24th when I last posted, nearly a month. I've gotten way busy. Tomorrow is my art class at the Senior Center here in Greeley. After the class I volunteered to visit a 90 year old lady in an Assisted Living. She is a very good artist, and has been down and not having the enthusiasm to paint or draw. Several of us from the Greeley Art Asso., (GAA), are going at different times during the week. Last Friday I didn't get home until 4 p.m. She is a delightful lady.

Then for October 1st I am doing a demonstration for the GAA. Was supposed to be someone else, but that didn't work out, so this is a last minute preparation for me. Then October 6th I signed up to give the program for the Greeley Poetry Club. That would be just fine had I not remembered it only a week ago, and then November I will be writing the lead letter for the GAA monthly newsletter.

Not much time to paint, and besides this stone building, I have several other drawing/painting responsibilities. I just have to get the list back to 95% painting.

I had asked for title suggestions to this painting. Now, since I have decided that the little lost Robin won't work out, what do you think about a mouse in the window, or ... ?

Okay, gotta go. If I don't get much more work done on this painting, I'll at least try to say hello before another month goes by. Have a great week. ~J~

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Tiffany said...

You're a genius. I'm working on a portrait with a brick wall in the background. The subject is complete but I'm a little afraid to start the wall. You have given me inspiration!!! Thanks. Keep up the awesome work.