Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Miller Moths

This year the Miller Moths have been fierce. You are going to laugh ... but I have been herding the moths. My bathroom is completely moth free now. The family room has a greatly reduced population. The moths head for the screen door in the family room. So when I go to bed, I turn on a light near that door, and turn off all the rest of the lights in the house. (Except the Xmas tree room.) (This would be my computer room with all its many electronic lights of many colors.)

In the morning they have all gravitated to that room, so I turn off the light and open the door. Many, many fly out, and the ones that don't, I get the broom and "guide" them out the door. In the bathroom I shut the door and took the screen off the window. I shooshed them and fluffed the curtains driving them out from their hiding places. I haven't even seen one in there since.

So there you have it. The Meyer Miller Moth Round Up!