Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cat story three

This is the story of Lily. She is one of the four kittens who got lost. She was hiding under a car in a parking lot when she witnessed her brother Smokie being hit by a car. She ran away in fear and ended up taking refuge under a huge dumpster behind a store. She was rescued by a sweet man who took her home. But his apartment had rules against animals, and when Joe's girlfriend came over that night, she reminded him that he couldn't keep her. After a few days, he finally took her to the kennel.

His girlfriend noticed how much Joe was missing the adorable little kitten and finally decided she would go down to the kennel and see if she was still there. Her apartment allowed animals, so figured Lily could stay at her place. She was excited to surprise Joe. When she got there she spotted a kitten that looked just like Lily. His name was Grayson. He took to her right away, and she decided to adopt him for herself. The lady from the kennel, listening to her story said, "Follow me." They went to the back room where the lost and found was. There in the back was Lily.

She took them both home, and from that time on, much more time was spent at the girlfriend's apartment than Joe's. And the kittens got along great.

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