Sunday, February 17, 2008

The second story is about Daisy

Think Adoption First, The canine series. Daisy

Okay! The next story in the dog book is the story about Daisy. She was badly abused by a "default" master. Chained in the back yard, being fed and watered only occasionally. The chain around her neck had grown into her skin. Her new master was a gal who fell in love with her sweet nature. In spite of all she had been through.

This dog, real name Spunky, belongs to my grandson. He had his dog do his "roll over and play dead" routine for the poses of Daisy in a very sorry condition. Her new master is my daughter. Spunky had no problem "posing" for kisses.

Today was a bitter cold windy day to go out, but took in a matinee at our local dinner playhouse theater and watched "The Little Shop of Horrors." What a fun play, and the dinner wasn't too bad. On the way home I stopped at Max'ims Art Gallery and visited with the gallery owner for a while. We go way back and I hadn't seen him for a while. Was good to catch up.

Fresh sheets on the bed, and fellow poets, I am now very ready for bed. Good night, and will see you tomorrow with story three, about Yogi.


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