Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm sorry ...

Hello! I think I have abused my faithful fans for much too long. No excuse really. It has been an interesting adventure through recovery though. Kind of on again then off again. However, this is the first day I have actually felt normal. I guess my body is adjusting to the new and improved me.

There still hasn't been much in the way of excitement in my life. However I have sent the cougar off to Parker for the "Small Works - BIG Impressions" show!

FYI: It will be hosted at:
The Wildlife Experience
10035 South Peoria Street
Parker, CO 80134

Opening November 15, 2008 and will run until January 4, 2009

If you are in the area, come take a look at some of the most outstanding wildlife art produced by the members of the international Society of Animal Artists. Would love to meet you!!

Now for the down home news, my son Just got himself a horse. He is getting into renaissance history, and wants to learn the horseback/warrior games. In comes Yukon. This is one big guy. He is an 11 year old registered Shire. His color and the tumor on his face made the price right. He has been very well trained. My son was trotting him out the other day, (for pictues), and when he stopped, Yukon almost came to a sliding stop. I do wish him well.

We took the picture of him riding Yukon to show his size. My son is 6' tall, and his feet don't even come down below Yukon's belly!

Okay, enough excitement for today. I'll do my best to be back much sooner!