Monday, June 18, 2012

Catching up ...

Hello out there.

I've been busy this year. I have been teaching art at the Senior Center here in Greeley. This has proven to be a lot of fun, and very rewarding. I have seen a lot of improvement in the skills of my class simply by starting with the basics. Drawing ... real basic ...

At the end of the season of classes for the Senior Center I started my own semi-private classes in my home. I haven't had classes here since the 1970's. I'm having a good time with my students and it helps out too.

Long Eared Owl

Saturday I started a small drawing. It started with a photo I got out for a student, and decided it was time to draw it myself. Have to keep my hand in you know. I got some very nice photos of several owls and raptors at the annual Rocky Mountain Raptor Program gala early this year. I'll do a work-in-progress for you to watch the drawing develope. It is small. This first photo is cropped to about 3.5" x 5.5" but will be larger when finished. About 5" x 6".

This little owl is considered medium sized and isn't as well known as other owls, tending to be more reclusive and located in remote areas. These guys have a defense of making themselves tall, skinny and motionless so they will be mistaken for a broken off tree branch. It's quite funny to watch them do that. Now you see an owl - now you don't - and you haven't looked away.

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