Saturday, June 30, 2012

She's Finished!

This little Long Eared Owl is finally finished. Well, not exactly "finally." For me to complete her in two weeks is probably a record. She took 64 hours. Have received lots of compliments on FaceBook and that is always very nice for the ego. Most of the work was done before about 4 p.m. Which is time to feed the horse and the dog ... er ... Gizmo. Don't tell him I called him a dog! I would like to spend more night time hours painting/drawing, but there are still Miller Moths to contend with here. Thought they were gone, but this heat seems to have brought them back.

My class of students continues to go well!

Okay ... now for a watercolor painting. Decisions, decisions, which one to start ....

Long Eared Owl - "Aware"
 Have a great day to all my fans and supporters out there.

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