Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Daffies

Ok Sally, here are some pictures of my blooming daffodils. The first picture shows just what I was afraid of. We got a blizzard that didn't stop until we had 11.5" of snow on the ground. Non-stop for two days. In piles here and there, so the wind kept most of the snow off my one blooming daffie. Which of course left it without protection from the freeze. However, this flower actually did finish the blooming process. Nature is a tough ol' broad!!

This is a King Alfred, AKA known as the snow king!

These are the successfully blooming King Alfred's!

This one is a Rip van Winkle. None of these did well. They were at the wrong stage of blooming when the storm hit. They did bloom, but were small and a little sickly. Stubborn though!

This pretty daffie is a Van Sion, and is a very old variety dating back to 1620

This pretty lady is an Irene Copeland. Her variety was also stunted some by the storms.

I have one more to show, but it is still on the camera. It is a Barrii Conspicuus. An older variety too. I'll get the camera downloaded as soon as I can. These are a very proud variety standing very tall and waving their blooms high in the breezes. I have one bulb that has only just started. It was the only smart one of the bunch, waiting until the spring season was well under way before coming up.

Back soon. (Again, no laughing allowed here!)