Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pencil Drawing of Me

Well, I have been asked to give some information about my Avatar. This was done a very long time ago when I was in a university non-Baccalaureate Masters program. This was my first drawing class, and I was delighted and honored to be in this program.

The actual photograph of me was taken by a friend of mine. I was in my studio. I don't remember what the occasion was that I needed a photo, but she took quite a few, and this was one of them. Remember Genie? The second photo was one I took when I was out looking for and at old buildings, specifically doors and doorways. This was a photo of a door and I just loved the peeling paint and that smooth and worn door knocker.

At the time I was at the university. I was at the end of my child rearing days, and had spent so many years feeling the door mat, that I thought the peeling paint and the door knocker added the right touch for a self portrait. So melded the two together, showing me merging out of that phase of my life and becoming my own person again. I must say that it was pretty modernist for my usual art choices. But then here, at the university, I could do whatever I wanted to do, and not have to worry about if it would sell.

I enjoyed this time even thought it didn't last too long. And this has always been a favorite drawing. Favorite of my husband too. He loved it when I took off into "left field" and drew or painted different things. He was a great support. I miss him.

All art, poetry and writings are copyright & cannot be reproduced in any form without written permission from Judith Angell Meyer

Friday, July 20, 2007

Coyote - Mountain Man

Well, this isn't the picture I thought I was uploading. But it will do. As a wildlife artist, I found painting mountain man reinactors to be an easy transition. This guy's mountain man name is Coyote, and he is wearing a coat made from coyote hides. Shirt is leather most likely from tanned deer hide. I think the painting caught the wild side and it took on an authentic look.

This piece was done some time ago, and the mountain man series was very popular. I am looking forward to getting back to doing new work. I have new and exciting ideas to explore, but am in the middle of a project that has taken more time than I had hoped. I'll get there. 2008 will be the year I can do what I want, and actually make it to some shows.

Special morning today. At 5 a.m. I happened to look out the window and there were two doe deer. They were stretching their necks high to nibble on the leaves of the elm in my front yard. The light was just so that you almost couldn't see them. Every thing had the same blended gray. They wandered out of the driveway and stood at the edge of the road for a few minutes. Looking and listening. When they thought it was safe, they kicked in their after burners and raced across the road, jumped the fence, and were into the middle of the next pasture quick as a flash. They safely wandered away toward the river bottom.

I am on my way in the morning to visit my sister. She is in Kansas, so will have about a 10 hour drive. Looking forward to the visit, and she sounded excited that Gizmo and I were coming. It might well be the last time I see her.

See you when I get back.

All art, poetry and writings are copyright & cannot be reproduced in any form without written permission from Judith Angell Meyer