Sunday, March 25, 2007


The rain is over. I'd say finally, but any moisture is welcomed here in this parched area. Friday, right at 6:00 p.m. The skies got dark fast, and there was the beginnings of thunder. As it wound up, lightening began dancing around in the sky soon followed by the much closer peels of thunder. The wind was blowing furiously and at the height of this activity the rain started, but as it got going it turned into hail. The hail was small, pea sized or smaller, but it blustered in as if to show me that this was only the beginning. "Soon I'll catch my stride and there will be glorious storms." I watched from my place on the porch wrapped in one of my husbands large flannel jackshirts, sipping a cup of hot coffee. It was the first spring storm.

The storm settled down into a very nice steady rain. This nice steady rain did not stop until Saturday afternoon around 2:00 in the afternoon. I can't even tell you how long it has been since we had a real soaker like that. The rainbow was taken during another spring, years ago.

Today, Sunday, the 25th of March has dawned a beautiful day. The sun is bright, the shadows long and the thermometer reads 62 degrees. Yesterday I treated myself to reading a book. Novel by Lisa Gardner. Have enjoyed her work so far. Also rereading some of the samples of work by artist J.D. Hillberry, "Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil" His drawing techniques are supurb, and I want to refresh my thoughts for a part of the illustration I'm working on. He uses charcoal pencils along with the graphite pencils, and I find that hard to do. Am using it sometimes though, and it can be quite effective.

Will be working on one of the current illustrations for the Adoption Series today. Need to hustle. But that is normal. I am also typing up all the poems for our Poetry Club Chap Book. There is no rush on that, but it doesn't take long. There are five submitted poems for each club member, and one member at a time goes pretty quickly. A break from drawing when needed. I need to get enough time to do at least another page on a website I'm working on. The fun is never done!

Make yourself a wonderful day!