Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Just a quickie for today. Thought you all might be interested in seeing what I was doing in 1960. These three kittens are all done in a soft vine charcoal. They are on pad charcoal paper, that is now disintegrating. They were all about 8" x 10". Enjoy ...




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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Morning Walk

This morning I went out for a while. The morning was beautiful. Cool and it had rained some in the night. I tossed a stick for Gizmo and then just walked around the yard. Supposed to walk more each day for exercise. I watched the horses graze for a while, then a small movement caught my eye. Not ten feet from me was a young rabbit. As I watched he didn't seem all that concerned and I noticed that the branch he was "behind" had a leaf that was close to his face, so he just hoovered it right down while I watched.
Since he wasn't concerned about me I moved a little closer. He didn't move while I was looking at him, but beat feet behind the tree when I turned my back. I watched for a while and decided since he wasn't bothered with me I'd go in, get my camera, and come back. And he was still there. I started taking pictures. Than didn't bother him, so went in for the "kill" and walked right close. So this is the result of my morning walk.

A Hair Cut

Hello ... Well, a lot has been keeping me busy and away from the computer. So this will be a couple of entries to catch you up. After 40 years with long hair, I finally decided to cut it. I'm not sure why, but it has been on my mind to do something with it since I broke my wrist in 2002, and was helpless to do anything with it with one hand. My daughter would have to come over and wash, comb and braid it for me. Very frustrating for a person used to, "I'll do it myself," thank you very much. There was 25" to send to the cancer society to make wigs out of. I hope it makes someone out there happy.

This then is the results. It isn't a marvelous picture, but you can sure get the idea. I was looking in the bathroom mirror while holding the camera at arms length to take the picture. So, actually it isn't all that bad! I had it cut on August 21st, just before my surgery on August 26th. It did make hospital care easier to be sure.

Sigh .....