Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Morning Walk

This morning I went out for a while. The morning was beautiful. Cool and it had rained some in the night. I tossed a stick for Gizmo and then just walked around the yard. Supposed to walk more each day for exercise. I watched the horses graze for a while, then a small movement caught my eye. Not ten feet from me was a young rabbit. As I watched he didn't seem all that concerned and I noticed that the branch he was "behind" had a leaf that was close to his face, so he just hoovered it right down while I watched.
Since he wasn't concerned about me I moved a little closer. He didn't move while I was looking at him, but beat feet behind the tree when I turned my back. I watched for a while and decided since he wasn't bothered with me I'd go in, get my camera, and come back. And he was still there. I started taking pictures. Than didn't bother him, so went in for the "kill" and walked right close. So this is the result of my morning walk.

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Cat said...

Crazy creature... thinks he has all day!