Saturday, February 9, 2008

Gizmo Snow Sits

I forgot the picture of Gizmo. The little goober really likes the snow, and when I called him to come in, he just sat himself down in the snow and looked at me.

"Where's my stick mommy?"

"Please lets play some more!"

The faster the time goes .....

I guess it must be time for me to say hello again. Won't be much, but I'm amazed ... amused ... almost frightened by how fast the time is going. My last post was September 23, 2007. Twenty three days later my sister is gone, and I am still in Kansas for eight days. Helping her husband plan the funeral, then staying a few more days after everyone else is gone so he isn't alone too fast. I started out calling every night to say G'nite, but now that is a few times a week. We are doing better.

At the beginning of the year we were covered with snow, and what, 40 some days later the archway out front can see its own reflection in the melt off. I have to say, however, I'm happy I'm not in Wyoming nor in the mountains here. My goodness there has been a lot of snow. The state is 136% of normal here. That is a lot of snow. I wouldn't complain at all except for the price of propane. That is pretty scary.

I have been active with lately. Even won a 9th place out of a hundred entries in a contest there. That was fun. The poem is a new one titled,
"Does He Love Me."

He loves me.
The flower sacrifices a petal to tell me so.

He loves me not.
I drop the petal and quickly reach for another.

He loves me.
With this petal I dream our time together.

He loves me not.
Do I love him? Enough?

He loves me.
I pull this petal slower ...

He loves me not.
Petals die at my feet. Expensive, love.

He loves me.
Too high the price. The flower has one petal.
It stands naked in my hand.
I take the last petal and the flower is gone.

He loves me not.

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