Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Senior moment.

Saturday night was concert night. I was looking forward to it. The program was the Spring Pops Concert. They were playing Leonard Bernstein's music. One of the sets is the Westside Story, composed in 1960. Should have been a good evening, but when I went to the bathroom to get ready, there was this strange noise. I finally found that a pipe had burst and water was leaking all over in the crawl space. And that is exactly what it means too. A crawl space. A Halloween decorated crawl space. The plumber found that there was a shut off valve close to the break and that worked. The line was for water to my studio, and I'm not using water in there currently, so ... done and done.

My son Hans is out back working on his car. He had bought himself a very bright yellow VW Bug. He needed something that wasn't going to cost him $50 every time he drove to his place out in the country. Anyway, he was screaming that little Bug down the country road, and hit a Jack Rabbit. I can just see this yellow blur flying down the road, and the Jack Rabbit only having enough time for his eyes to get big before the hit. Really messed with the plastic grill and fog lights. He thought that was all it was, but discovered that it dented the air conditioning coil just enough to rub up against the radiator. I think he finally managed to get about a 1/2" clear between them, without damaging the coils, so they shouldn't rub anymore. He'll be keeping an eye on it for a while to be sure. Doesn't need those kinds of problems. They wouldn't be cheap, and he cannot afford the expense right now.

Time to tell on my own self. Had a senior moment today. Well, yesterday AND today really. Yesterday I spent a lot of time cleaning and dusting and moving storage boxes out of the living room so it would be presentable. I had an appointment for 11:00 this morning here at the house. At noon I finally called to find out if everything was okay, and found out her appointment is for tomorrow at 11:00, not today. I had in my head that today was the 13th and continued with that assumption without checking it out. Like, before I made the phone call. Then, she said why don't we meet at a restaurant, and we can do our business over lunch. I said that would be just fine. It would have been dusty again tomorrow anyway!