Monday, February 25, 2008

Cat Story Number Five

This is the one you have all been waiting for. The last one. Well, maybe it is the one I have been waiting for! :-) Okay, Remember Tasha, the mother, taking the two remaining kittens into town where she knew she could find enough food for them. Well, they are in town now, and are found, actually outside of a shelter. The mother and the two kittens were in separate crates, and when they were adopted, it soon became apparent they were all the same family. They do have the same recognizable coloring. The three of them were adopted together.

The second illustration is a different story. They are two cats who were friends and spent the mornings sunning themselves on the fence. The owner of Jelly, the one on the right, built the ledge for them. The other cat there is Justin. He is the long lost son of May.

The cat's name in picture three is May, and she is looking longingly out the window of her adopted home. She had been separated from her son when he was very young, and spent hours at the window believing someday she would again come across his path. There is a cat in the distance where she is looking and as it turns out it is her long lost kitten now grown. (On the fence shown above, and barely visible.) She can tell he has a good life and a good home, so she can now rest easy and enjoy her own new home.
I have enjoyed sharing these stories with you. Thank you for your interest. I can save up all your wonderful compliments now for a cold and rainy day when I feel "abused." I'm so abused, can't you tell!

Now, to work on some poetry, and the illustrations for book three.

Love and appreciate you all. ~J~

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