Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My Lilacs are in full fragrance!

This first photo is the front of the Studio.

This is the back of the Studio. In close for the fragrance.

This one is closer yet! Close enough to draw from!!

I'm sure I have gone over board with the photos here. But you have no idea how hard it was to wait so long for my lilacs to bloom. The late frost took them at the bud for the last two years. And I just love sitting on the porch taking in their wonderful fragrance.

This of course is the back of the Studio, but you can see both of the bushes.

I got all three of them on Mother's Day as my little kids could afford to get a starter bush. It was always fun to pick out the next spot. They all took to their locations just fine. I think the reason that the kids stopped getting them for me was that we decided to start a long row of them across the front. But the front is north, and the bushes didn't do well, until they finally quit trying. These remaining three are the light of my spring!