Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good bye my friend Lynn Thomas

My dear friend and mentor Lynn Thomas passed away early this morning, August 25, 2009.
I will miss her.
Her husband Joe and her many friends will miss her.
Sparky and Raven will miss her.

Below is a letter I wrote to Lynn, which her daughters were gracious enough to read to her.

"A Matter of Days"
I opened your blog today and all I saw was "A Matter of Days." As I stared at the words, slowly, my tears joined Judi's and memories came out of the blur.
A matter of days __ We've only known, (had contact), each other for a matter of days. My first WAOAW show in Scottsdale many, many years ago. Then a WAOAW show at PaJo's. I was drawn over and over to your painting of a frontier woman hanging out her wash. I was in awe of its beauty and the emotion welling up in me as I folded myself into it. In awe of you, I hung back to listen as you talked, too bashful to approach.
Then I came to visit you at your house on the muddy. It was like we had visited together regularly all our lives. You toured me around your beautiful end of the world. I left as in awe of you as before __ only different. We really were friends, admiring and enjoying each other. There is no one else I am this close to. Because of you, my art is better. My poetry is better. The way I see the world around me is more colorful and more intense. What a love and friendship that developed in only "a matter of days."
I can only imagine how deep the love you share with all the Angels who now hover around you. Angels with whom you have lived and touched over many years.
Thank you my Dear Sweet Lynn for allowing me into your big heart.
Judy (~J~)