Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm back!

Well, I don't know how back I am, but time to at least say hello. I am finally through all the illustrations for the third adoption book. The name of the books has been revamped to "Without a Home." This made a major improvement on the books apprearance. This book is for little furry critters. There is a hamster, chinchilla, rat, (Reggie), bunny and ferret. This set was a bit more challenging, but enjoyed the work. Here is a preview on one of the illustrations:

This is Bonnie and her new friend. Or she thought it was a new friend, and then realized that she was a friend from way before. She ended up with a very special new home.

I am going to be looking into making a few prints of the illustrations so the author has something else to offer when advertising/selling the books. Also, and this is pretty scary for me, I have entered Reggie the rat into the annual Society of Animal Artists show. I certainly didn't think a domestic rat would be subject matter for that show, but was strongly encouraged to enter ... so ... I actually did. I won't hear until the end of May if the drawing was accepted or not, but it's getting to be "nervous time" already! I'll be sure to let you all know how that goes. Very prestigeous show, and I have not entered any of my art work in it for years. Mostly because I hadn't been doing much art work. So, we shall see. It has been so long since I made an entry for this annual show, I'll bet they have to look up to see if I am actually a member!! (Sad isn't it!) I have an old commission on my drawing table now, and one I want to do for the next SAA show. Wish me good luck. I'll need it.

I have been enjoying my PoetrySoup web site. It is so good to be surrounded by supportive like minded people. I have some poetry going around in my mind and looking forward to writing more again soon. But ... there is the spring raking to get done first, darn the luck.

I got a new little trailer to help me out with the yard work. Now I won't have to beg a boy to help me get the camper shell on and off the pickup just to do the work around the yard. And with the trailer being a lot lower to the ground, it will be easier for me to fill and empty it back on the burn pile. Plus, it has a ramp on the back so I can get my lawn mower to repair if I need to, or haul a few bales of hay. I'm pleased and lucky to have the new good tool.
The weather here has been pretty crazy. Wind, cold and a little bit of rain one day, and then sunny and hot the next. I really don't want to look like I'm complaining though. The cool/cold is nicer for me than the hot, and we need all the moisture we can get. It is soooo dry here. The pasture is almost to the point that it will feed the horses and I won't have to. Soon I'll be free to take care of all the medical maintenance I want to get done, and then the motor home trips I want to take. There are three. To visit my artist friend in Boulder, Wyoming, my quilter friend in Story, Wyoming, and the valley where Hans' ashes are. It is a beautiful area, and I can't wait to just hike and photo and sketch to my hearts content. Of course the trips wouldn't be right if I didn't have my Gizmo along to keep me company.
Until next time ... enjoy your spring.

"We are all different expressions of one reality, different songs of one singer,different dances of one dancer, different paintings - but the painter is one." -- Osho, Indian Spiritual Leader