Sunday, June 6, 2010

WIP - Yellow Earrings - Finished

The one I've been waiting for. "Yellow Earrings" is finished. I've tinkered on it long enough, so time to quit. I had several suggestions and implemented several of them. I have been wanting to do this painting since an artist friend, Lynn Thomas of Wyoming sent me a picture of a cow with her ear tags and titled it Yellow Earrings. I asked her right off if she was going to use that photo/idea or could I get her permission to use it. She was delighted that I wanted to use it. I wish she could have seen it finished.

Below is an enlargement of just the calf. I guess it was a silly thing to put up because the calf is almost the whole size of the painting and the enlargement doesn't amount to much. But it is up, so up it stays. If anyone wants me to enlarge just the eye, or any other part, I could do that for you.

Today is pretty hot. It is supposed to hit 90° ... it is a bit over that, but now they are calling for Thunderstorm warnings. It's always something.

As I said before, this painting will be shown at the 11th Annual Stampede Art Show, in Greeley, Colorado. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by. There will be a lot of really super western art there.

Okay, time to clean up my mess from this painting, and clear the decks for the next one.

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