Sunday, August 10, 2008

WIP - Cougar - Number FINISHED!!

Well, hello all. I can't believe it took another five days to complete this "little" painting. But I do think I have it done and done. If you see something glaring at you, please do let me know. At this point I'm not seeing anything but "done."

We have had some really good rains. More today even. It is so muggy. Like Hans would say, there an awful lot of hum-dity in the air. We are not at all used to it here, but I'll tell you what, we need the wet so bad I don't think you will find one person in Colorado who will complain. In this kind of weather, I've always been glad I had straight hair anyway.

I ended up having to have a birthday the other day. I can usually sneak by it, but not this year. In the first place, I had to renew my driver's license. I really hope that additional year doesn't show up in the picture. They are so horrible anyway. I think everyone I knew around here sang to me this year. I have messages on my phone from my daughter and two grandsons desperately trying to get me to pick up and phone. They sang even when I wasn't there. When they called I was having brunch with friends who took me out for my birthday. (They didn't, however, sing!) Trudy not only sang, but she called friends and told them to call me and sing. Fritz sang on a message the day before, so I stopped by his place to get a current version, and got a tap dance to boot! Hans sent a text and an I love you.

I got an email from a friend that was quite a hoot! I'm going to share it with you. She probably won't appreciate that, but here goes anyway:

"Today is your birthday? How long has that been going on? Lordy!

OK, counting on all fingers and toes, dividing by the pinkie and multiplying by two thumbs (carry the four), I still come up with you're older than me!

I hope you do something outrageous, even it is only enjoy a long, leisurelysuper-hot bubble bath! OK, if you want to go to the bar and chase men,that's an option too...but be careful. They are a lot slower than they used to be, and you might catch one.

Have you noticed how gravity is so much stronger than when we were kids?Try jumping up and down a few times and tell me if you don't think that is true.

On the plus side, they have really improved bras, and a dang good thing (see gravity information above). We can follow ourselves around all day long,with the right bra on.

Still waiting for the Depends folks to come out with the thong version.There's a challenge for them! Their regular style isn't even as good as the pull-ups kids wear, and with a whole bunch of Baby Boomers headed their way,they better do something about style!

Now that you're all cheered up, see paragraph 2 again, and get after the outrageous whatever-you-want-to-do action. And I don't want to hear about hot milk and early to bed! At the least, a dirty book?"

See what all I have to put up with!!! Had a great day!
G'nite for now...

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