Friday, August 24, 2012

More Stone and Mortar ...

More Stone and mortar, more stone and mortar!
Ok, the new post I've been promising. I wanted to be farther along than this, but, boy, it has just been one thing after another. This picture is blurry toward the bottom. The painting, mounted on its board won't fit in my scanner, and I just couldn't get the lighting right to use my camera. That will teach me not to take the set-up down after each session. So I hope you can over look that this time. I'll have a good photo next time, and will hopefully have a good start on the bottom 4 window panes. (In less time.) Have to get this one done soon if I'm going to get everything done on my agenda.

Having visitors in September so hopefully .... Can you believe, my daughter April and grandson De will be here for a while. April is here to get De settled into an apartment and set up in school. This in Texas mind you, so they are in for a lot of travel before heading back to England. This will be empty nest time for April and Curt.

I remember that day! When the last one of mine left home. My husband and I ran for the empty room of our choice to make personal/office space for ourselves. I couldn't believe how much my husband had stashed away for "his" room. It ended up being a right handsome mountain man museum. Those were the days.

Please keep up the welcome comments.  Need them to improve. Till next post -- ~J~

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