Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bruce and Fang

Once upon a time, (about 12 days ago), there were two little Chihuahua types roaming out in the road, trying to find a scent to take them home. They wandered the road, and general neighborhood for 4 days. So I had to see if I could get near them. At first the larger one, (top of first picture), ran under the neighbors fence growling and barking. Next day was the same, but I was bearing treats. She sneaked up and ran with it. It was down hill from there, and she coaxed the little one to come over and get a treat. That accomplished, I put food and water on the porch and let them make up their own minds. They of course took to the food and water, and soon were guarding the porch. I was in, and it didn't take but a short while to get the larger one to allow me to pet her. We called them Bruce and Fang. Finally the little one gave in and you could tell they were grateful for human touch and care. So, I made a bed for them on the mud porch so they could be inside, and propped the door open so they could get in and out.


The next stage in the evolution was to call Sharon, friend, to come see what I had! She came and saw and took Bruce home with her. Bruce is now Frieda. ( I don't see what's the matter with Bruce.) She has been taken to the vet for a complete check up and shots, and is now adopted into her family.

Fang ... Spazz now ... has now seen the vet and was given a clean bill of health. She wasn't too pleased with the attention there however. She weighs in at 4.75 lbs. And we're guessing she is about a year old.

Tried a lot of things to see if anyone had reported them missing. There was one Chihuahua reported lost and was given the number to call, but their little one had been found. After considering all the things we observed, we have decided they must have been dumped. They don't have to worry about that any more.


This was not my plan. I have/had a nice quiet life with Gizmo. (He wishes that were still true!) But we'll get used to this new little ball of fire, and she will learn she doesn't have to run and hide at every fast movement or loud noise. She can actually get to every room in my house and back to me in about 2 seconds. Just the dog for an old broad! So, just call me an adoptive mom once again. Sigh...



Photo #1 - Bruce and Fang hanging out on the porch.

Photo #2 - Now Spazz instead of Fang, hanging out on my lounge chair pillow. She climbs back there to be on the pillow between the back of the chair and my "warm" back.


Photo #3 - Spazz in Gizmo's bed. She rooted around with the little blanket until she was covered, and soon was sound asleep. All you can see are her ears. Gizmo keeps looking at me, but so far hasn't disturbed her.

Update on the painting on Wednesday ... I hope ... been an awful lot of interruptions since my last post. Have a good rest of the week!


Vicki Greene said...

Congratulations Mom! I am so glad that you were able to help them.

Judith Angell Meyer said...

Ya, I guess I am too. She is such a cutie, and she actually has some manners. Just have to get her over jumping when I move too fast, or the door moves on her way out. She sure can run though.

As for your rose, while it might be a cliche, I think it is an "American Beauty."

Kathleen said...

Didn't see the "And who is THIS, Mommy" photo of Gizmo, so he must have had a hand in snagging to two munchkins.

Judith Angell Meyer said...

Well, actually no he didn't. When he was out they didn't come in close, and I just had him stay in. They aquainted themselves slowly. He is old and slow by comparison. They get along pretty well now.

Before we got to this stage, there was more than one, "And who is THIS, Mommy" ies ....