Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm feeling really good about this piece so far. Was hoping to be a little further along for this post. But since Monday has gone by without the progress I had hoped to post, decided I'd best just do it. The biggest time consumer, of course, was the spider plant in the window. Remind me not to try something like this again. But ... I love it! The fun is in the details ... right?!

The latest suggestion for a title is "Spider" ... and considering the plant has gotten all the attention so far, it might work! Keep 'em coming though. I enjoy your comments.

Have had a bit of a break from the heat today. It is only 91° here at 2 p.m., and that is much better. Means the house holds the cool long enough to keep it mostly comfortable here. Western Oklahoma and eastern Kansas aren't so lucky today. Especially Oklahoma. They are already up to 106°

This is it for today. Next post will tell you all about the two little Chihuahua's that I found wandering the street in front of the house. With pictures! Cuties.

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