Sunday, July 22, 2012

A little more progress

Well, I have made a little more progress. The window itself will be the hardest and will take the longest. I painted the plant in first and am painting the dark interior behind the glass last. Being careful to get all the paint chips along the windows panes. I have no luck with a masking fluid on my watercolor paper, which is cold press rough paper. The liquid just doesn't adhere to the roughness and allows a jagged line. Not acceptable when the plant's leaves are so narrow. (Pretty much not acceptable for me at all.) So here you are. 

Don had a good title, but at the time he didn't know about the plant in the window. I'm sure he or one of you will come up with another good shot at it. This photo of the painting is a bit brighter than the original.

Time to get back at it. Will post again when I have advanced down the window!

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