Saturday, July 21, 2012

Brick and Stone

Hello all! It might be too soon to share this because it is going to take me some serious time to complete it. But I love the colors and the texture and couldn't wait. This work in progress is going to be about 7" x 10" and is a long narrow window. The panes are quite dark with plants showing through. If it works out right, I'll put a little lost baby bird on the window sill, and will title it "Lost" unless you all have a better idea. I have no clue yet what to call it if the bird doesn't work out. So ... here is the beginnings of my next watercolor painting....

Hope all of you are getting through this horrendous heat! Going to be 100° again here today, but Topeka, KS and Altus, OK are going to hit higher temps. Never in my life have I been known to say, "Come-on Winter!" ~J~

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