Monday, December 3, 2012

Finally finished! And just in time.

 Well this took longer than I thought it would. I found that making an individual portrait out of each stone takes time. But I did so enjoy the journey. Got it done just long enough before the show for the gallery to get it framed. The annual Thunderbird Art Gallery show was December 1st and 2nd. Many of my old friends from our mountain man enthusiast days came and we had a grand time reminiscing.

I took the photograph of this stone building back in the '70's when we first moved to town. I don't know if it still stands. I haven't found it again yet. But I have many photos from that time period, and many more paintings to do. I am liking getting back to including the stories of old buildings in my art. We'll see how that goes.

Hope the lost baby robin finds its mom.

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Vicki Greene said...

The stones are beautiful and they all came together to make a wonderful painting!

Duene said...

It's wonderful. Love the stones.

Judith Angell Meyer said...

Thank you so much for your comment Vicki! I've been following you, guess I should comment now and again!

And Duene ... thank you for being one of my favorite fans. The stones were very time consuming, but enjoyed them a lot. (The fun is in the details!)