Monday, May 31, 2010

WIP - Yellow Earrings - 3

Okay, time for an update. Man, this blogspot is soooo uncooperative. Maybe it's just me, but it sure is stubborn software.

This doesn't seem like much of an update does it. But the black blob is filled in, and I assure you there are many hours in all the brush strokes. There will still be more color, but the color will be more subtle. Hopefully that will show up in the next update.

Today is Memorial Day and my daughter and I went up to the cemetery for the service. There were easily 300 people there, and the program was very nice. The nicest thing happened when we ended up with two fly over's. The planes were late, but before they got there a Bald Eagle flew over. He was pretty high, and I don't think many noticed. The planes did arrive at a perfect time when the uniformed men laid wreathes on the crosses of the different wars to commemorate the soldiers of our community who fought in each war.

The tributes, planned and unplanned were perfect for a perfectly beautiful day.

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Vicki Greene said...

What a delightful title! What wonderful hair and that eye is so good. This is a winner already.