Saturday, May 29, 2010

WIP - Yellow Earrings - 2

Okay, here is a little more.

The big black blob is neck and a little shoulder, and before it looks like a cow with hair on it there will be many, many layers of single strokes with the brush in many colors. I forgot to give the basic information with the first post ... This is a 9.5"x 9.5" watercolor painting. on Arches 140# cold press, rough, paper. I leave the sizing on when I'm doing animal hair and fur as it helps simulate the texture of fur, and the cold press rough paper helps also. Using a #4 brush.

One friend, at stage one, thought he was looking at a couple of squirrels or something because his eyes couldn't bridge that gap. I forget that some of my fans need more information, and cannot read my mind, and the photo didn't show the pencil drawing ... So, I have closed the white areas across the top of her head and under her chin so you can see the size/shape of her head.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. ::grin:: no sense taking the blame all to myself!

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Duene said...

Looking Good! I'll keep checking back.