Sunday, June 29, 2008

Noisy Morning

I woke up this morning to a raucous noise! Started out low, and gradually got to a pretty serious volume. Turns out a gaggle of Grackles had found the cat food bowl on my porch and were vying for positions close enough to snatch a piece. They were perched on the rail and on chairs and on the buggy, while the one bird on the bowl had its beek open screaming and screeching its head off to keep its position. Of course he couldn't eat anything when he was so busy scolding everyone else. Finally, he'd get pushed off and the next one, not having a better plan, just stood on the bowl screaming too.

I sure wish I could have gotten a picture of the scene. But the buggy, blocked the view from the french doors off the bedroom. And to come around to the family room, no matter how slow or quietly I moved -- well -- they sensed I was there and flew off. The cat food must have been really good though because they kept coming back to try again and again.

Okay already, I'm up now.

This week is supposed to get hot again, but today is lovely. Light breeze and upper 70's. My son has been here all weekend working on the Lady. (His dad's old caddy.) Enjoying himself. Yesterday we finally got an icecream cake for his birthday. I think he was hoping we'd forget since it was his 40th. Of course we couldn't be that sensitive. We're family after all. He was on the road during the time of his actual birth date. The child will soon be as old as I am.

Well, have a good week all.


Anonymous said...


What a great blog, I plan on being a regular visitor, we sometimes just look and the pictures and not read the content.

Mike Voris

Judith Angell Meyer said...


I've been thinking about you a lot lately, so how good to hear from you! I'm delighted you enjoyed my blog. And commented even.

Hope all is well in your world.