Friday, June 27, 2008

The Bumble Bee Murder Mystery

Hello all! It has been quite a while since I have written in my blog, and decided that while some of you have seen and heard this story, that a lot of you haven't, so here is the tale of the mystery of the bumble bee murder that happened at my house a couple of years ago. Enjoy!


Once upon a time, on a day I was late getting home from work, I put the key in the lock and right away I knew there was something wrong. There were no greeting sounds from my little dog scratching to get me to hurry up and open the door, and whining to tell me all about his day. My heart jumped into my throat! What could have happened to him.

Rushing now, I flew into the kitchen, and still no Gizmo. As I started to the hall, I noticed there were some innards on the floor. What in the world ...

So I followed the trail and there were more and more going down the hall. My gosh, there were guts everywhere.

As I turned into the bedroom, the trail led right up to Mr. Bumble Bee.

Oh my gosh, there he was. Guts still coming out of his little body. Wings torn off and lying about. What a horrible death. I was about to pick up his torn and battered body when I heard a noise coming from under the bed. I continued to follow the trail ....

And sure enough, the murderer was still in the room. There, trying to look innocent and hide his involvement, was my little Gizmo. He still had guts on his head, and body parts around him. Oh poor Mr. Bumble Bee, how could you kill your favorite friend? He had no explanation, so there was only one thing left to do ...

Gizmo had to be banished to time out in his pout house. I feel so bad, but there was nothing I could do. I could not condone murder in this house. Slowly he began to look sorry for his sins, but I was hard hearted and wouldn't let him come out.

Lesson, don't bump off a bumble bee or you'll be banned to life in a very cramped pout house. No room to run. No toys. Only bread and water.

Sorry Gizmo, this hurts me more than it hurts you.

~ The End ~

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Cat said...

Such a great story Even better the second time!