Friday, February 22, 2008

Story two of the cats

Okay, without the book the stories are a little confusing for me to just put up pictures. The first picture today is the story of Tasha and her kittens. As you can see they are living in the basement of an abandoned house. Momma has exhausted all the local food resources, so as her babies sleep in a bunch on the floor, she heads out into the neighborhood to find enough food for herself and her kittens.

The kittens wake up while she is gone and eventually worry about being alone. As kids will do, they make a bad decision to head out the window to find their mother. This starts the adventures, and individual stories, of all four of the kittens. So the second picture is showing that Tasha has found two of her kittens, and after deciding that she will not find the other two, she heads off towards town. While she doesn't like to take them into the town, she knows she will find food for them there.
The model for Tasha was a pretty tuxedo cat I had. He was around for several years, longer than most, and actually tamed. Most of the cats here are barn cats and keep the place free of mice.
Today is a gorgeous day. It just figures. The day before the eclipse of the moon was gorgeous, and the day after. But the night of the big event, a snow storm was trying to come in, and our area was very cloudy. About two hours after the eclipse the sky had started to clear.

Have a good day everyone. See you tomorrow with a new story....

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