Thursday, February 21, 2008

The first cat story

Okay, the cat book was written a little differently, so don't know how will I'll be able to coordinate the story and pictures. But, will not worry too much about it. It is the pictures you want to see mostly anyway. The first story is about a Broken Tail Kitty. The girls, Ashley and Michelle are really good friends, but Ashley is from a poor family, and Michelle has everything she wants. When she announced that she had a new cat, it wasn't just a cat, but a persian named Priscilla and she came with all imaginable accoutraments.

Normally Ashley preferred her family time and didn't care to have all the stuff that Michelle had, until the cat. She asked for one knowing her mother couldn't afford one. But while Ashley was at school, her mom went to the shelter and fell in love with a kitten who had a bent tail. Apparently from an injury.

As time went on the girls loved the bent tail kitty because she was so much fun, but Priscilla was a snob and no fun at all. The picture here is the whole story, which teaches the value of love.


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