Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Little Easter Story - April 8, 2007

Like I said, Saturday was bitter cold. And when I was out helping some of my guests to their cars, I noticed that my three tulip buds, just about to be in bloom were laying flat to the ground and they had translucent spots on the buds and leaves that meant that they were freezing, if not frozen. I was broken hearted then decided that the least I could do is bring them into the house where it was warm. So cut them and brought them into the kitchen. I had been watching for them to open, and while two of them were ready, I hadn't held out much hope for the third one as it was still pretty tight.

I put them in one vase, but the tulips just hung their cold heads and stalks down all the way to the table. So I found a taller vase to give them some support. I poured some temped water into the vase, and that was that. Later, on my way to bed, I moved them from the counter top and put them on the table.

Well, you know me ... or maybe you don't ... and going to bed usually means that I first take Gizmo out to water the bushes. Then as I go through the house locking up and shutting everything down, I always find something else that needs to be done. Mostly checking the email one last time for the day, and of course there is always something on the computer to side-track me. The result, of course, bed time gets pretty late.

Sunday morning, in the process of starting the routine again, but in reverse, I could hardly believe my eyes when I stepped into the kitchen for my first cup of coffee. The two tulips were actually upright in the vase. Not only struggling to get upright, but they were opening their blossoms up. They were lovely, and such a wonderful Easter Morning surprise. So of course I had to take a picture of them.

Later when I was putting the photos into the computer to take a look, I saw that the cabinet behind the flowers formed a cross where the four doors came together.

What a wonderful way to remember Easter. My own little resurrection to remind me of the day so many years ago when Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven.

Since Easter the blossoms not only have continued to grow, but the tight little bud, for which I had no hope for it to open, opened and is the reddest color. It has a scar on its side where it was frozen.

I guess there is always a miracle somewhere in front of us, if we only open our hearts to see it.

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Tldmhark said...

Loved the tulips and the cross! never know the messages we'll get and when, huh? Happy Belated Easter! And they are lovely. The dear here have eaten our bubs off!