Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And I'm still not in bed!

A fun night this turned out to be! When I left you before it was time to go to bed, and the routine is to let my little dog Gizmo out for a quick watering of the bushes. So I am waiting for him at the door, and he takes off into the driveway. I go right out behind him, and just as I cleared the car, there it was. He had taken off after a skunk. When I got out there, it was pawing at the ground and threatening me. I spotted Gizmo by the front of the car, and as soon as I picked him up I knew he had been sprayed. We went the long way back into the house so as not to run into the skunk again.
I put Gizmo right into the bath tub and told him to stay there while I looked for something tomato. I knew there wasn't any tomato juice, but found a can of tomato sause. I put it in a pot and diluted it with warm water and headed back for the bathroom. Scrubbing that tomato into his thick fur took quite a while, but really needed to be sure to get it clear to his skin. After he shook tomato all over the bath tub and near walls, I rinsed him off and started the shampo bath. Now he is running around the house to dry off while I'm here to tell you the tale.
This is the stinker dog I'm talking about!
I have all the towels and all my clothes in the washmachine, and rinsed down the walls.

Now maybe I can get some rest. Hey, it's only 2:23 a.m. ... lots of time.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Just visiting. I love that horse painting. Its always been one of my favorites. I'll be back.
Love, Lynn

Judith Angell Meyer said...

I'm glad you stopped by. Peeper's Ponies has always been one of mine also. My "ode" to Doolittle without going fake. Hehehe ... Now to check out your day!

Anonymous said...

Evil skunkchaser! When my dog got skunked and washed in tomato juice, it only worked until she got wet again, then she still smelled like it. Bleh!

Nice blog!


Judith Angell Meyer said...

Hehehe ... that would be my little Gizmo. Actually I think he thought, "Well, it is the same size as me, and has the same nice fluffy tait like me, it must be another dog!

I don't know about smelling like skunk once wet again. Makes sense, but I did get him pretty saturated. We shall see!!

Thanks for stopping by to see my Blog. ~Mom~