Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Next print "Biscuits n' Gravy"

Hello everyone,

So here is the next Giclée available. This was such a fun one to do, and has been very popular. You can get more information at fortmeyer@aol.com . It is a watercolor painting, and its size is 14" x 19".

Today has been a beautiful day. The sun is out and practically no breeze at all! My kind of day. I do hate that wind. It not only musses my hair, but sucks all the moisture out of the soil. Since we had to have all that snow this winter, I'd just as soon keep the good moisture we got in the ground!

Today was my next to last physical therapy session. I'll be on my own soon now, and am looking forward to it. Just one more thing I have to remember, or, that interrupts my day.

Right now I'm working on a rose. Have not done a flower in years, and the progress I'm making shows that well. But it is just a lesson, so I don't have to give it undo frustration. Just getting my hand back in.

Time to feed my horses. Gizmo will come a long to help, then he gets his supper too. Hope you all have had a good day today. The next post will be the third print. Till then ... ~J~

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Crystal Cook said...

Your work is beautiful and sensitively done. I love this piece, such clever little rascals. :)