Sunday, June 13, 2010


Thursday, June 10
The news has been talking about the high flood waters as a result of the couple of hot days melting the snow so fast it caused the creeks and rivers to overflow. Last night they said the Poudre River was over its banks in Ft. Collins, and this morning the pasture is officially flooded. The above picture was early morning and looks like that paint was cooling his heels after the hot weather. The water spread quite a ways into the into the pasture, and the sun didn't last very long. By afternoon it was pouring cats and dogs, and the rain kept it up all night as well.
Friday, June 11
Dark clouds and severe thunderstorms today. Rain dumped twice here today, adding to the flood level, but dodged the hail and tornado's.
Saturday, June 12
Rained all day today, and all night into Sunday as well.
Sunday, June 13
The satellite reception keeps going out with clouds so thick and fully saturated. That of course means wet, and the flood area of the pasture had doubled.
I took a walk out on the road to view the pasture. I'd say it looks like I won't have to water the horses for days! The water line is 18 yards from the "old" studio. The pasture and the yard won't be dry enough to mow until the grasses are almost too tall and too thick to mow! And just yesterday they were brown from the heat ...

This is from the culvert where all the water came from, backing up through all the old irrigation ditches from the flooding river. Clear in the background you can see two other little patches of water showing how far it got into the pasture.

This was taken from the corner. So this is looking south showing what I call the north pasture.

This is from the culvert again, looking more north west to show more of the pasture.

This is a close up of the picture below. Blogspot would not let me drag them into the proper positioning. Have even aquired a couple of Mallards in the deal. The gray in the background is my Arab gelding Count.

The Mallards, Count still behind the tree, and my green roofed barn in the background. This is what I call the middle pasture. The fence on the right separates it from the north pasture.


Steve sculpts critters said...

You could send some of that water our way, we could always use a bit more in Santa Fe!

Judith Angell Meyer said...

I'd be more than happy to! Wish I could ... side product is more mosquitos in one place than I've ever seen before.