Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Coming out party for an older painting

This painting is one that I did a long time ago. Title: "Spirit Woman" Size: 11 1/2" X 14 1/2". It is a self portrait.

Spirit Woman is sort of the Indian name I acquired over the years. For many years we enjoyed belonging to mountain man reenactment groups. A couple of portraits I painted for the guys were complimented by saying I had caught/captured their spirit. Of course this wasn't a good thing in the 1800's. At first Indians were very Leary of the photograph, and were afraid that their spirit had been captured.

This self-portrait is my interpretation of a more positive view. The view in the painting is of me laying on my back and looking up through the lodge poles. In the back of the lodge there are some drawings depicting part of my life. The fire is going, and the smoke is swirling upward through the smoke flaps and curling itself around the moon. The smoke vaguely resembles the shape of a woman spreading her wings as her spirit takes flight.

Enjoy. I'd like to hear what you think of this one too. ~J~

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Vicki Greene said...

I like it!

Anonymous said...


Amanda Lamb said...

I know this is your self portrait, and therefore it is about you, not me.
But, when I see it, I can't help but think back, long ago, when I was just a wee bit older than my oldest child is now.
It makes me think of being a flower girl in April's wedding.(or, perhaps "leaf girl" would be a more appropriate description...I still remember the way they would crunch in my hand. I loved it.) Someone took a picture of me in my flower girl dress as I was coming out of just such a lodge.
Then, to another memory. This time I'm inside the lodge, and terrified out of my witts because there's a thunderstorm outside. For whatever reason, our families were all together in one big lodge, and one of your sons was explaining that we'd be safe from the lightning because of the poles.
I could go on...and if I did, I'd mention Brutus (especially on your answering machine, and how excited I would be when we would visit and the phone would ring, because I'd get to hear the awesome message), Brazzi, horse troughs full of fireworks, and the way the sun would hit your classic cars in the afternoon.
I like these memories. Thanks for bringing them to mind!
In short, my opinion of this particular piece is that I really like it. But I may be slightly biased.
I hope you're feeling well!

Kathleen said...

Interesting and beautiful painting. Thought provoking. As Amanda said, it's about you, not me. When I think of Spirit Woman, I envision wind and stars, and smell woodsmoke. Not really anything you can get a hold of.