Thursday, October 8, 2009

Snow on the Colorado Prairie

I promised updates so I guess it is about time I got to it. I'll start with right now. It is about 38 degrees outside and it is snowing. You know, those huge wet flakes that are probably a dozen flakes all holding hands and coming down together. Like those crazy folks who jump out of airplanes and do the same thing. Good grief ~!~ It isn't supposed to do this sort of thing until the kids are all dressed up for Halloween!

Okay, I do have a date for my back surgery. Will be October 22nd. But in Loveland, not at the hospital here. While I have no worries where the Doctor is concerned, I'm not at all thrilled to be away from "home" for the surgery. Going to be more than just a little imposition on friends and family. And I have to go way out there for a pre-surgery consult on the 20th. I have calls in for information so I can make plans. Like how long will I be in the hospital, don't think this will be an out-patient procedure like my knee was, but so far no response. Would like to know what my restrictions will be at home too. Can't plan help if I don't know. However, I have a very good offer from Kansas.

My son moved out and is in an apartment now, but came back yesterday to do his laundry. And he isn't even in college. Of course he has to come here to have the space to work on his vehicles. Put monster tires on his truck the other day. I had to ask if he needed a ladder to get in it, "Not quite," he said.

Hey, I got the call back from the Dr's office. Looks like only one to two days stay at the hospital, and at home I'll be expected to be up and around, walking a little, just no heavy or strenuous lifting, bending or twisting. Sounds like I'll be able to handle it all with no trouble. (This is optimism speaking ... don't tell me any different!)

I'm going to catch you up on the current stories, one post at a time. So that is that for this one.



Anonymous said...

Judith, I have you in my thoughts. Even though we have never met, I feel I know you. Take care, and keep us all informed!

Duene, in Wyoming, and missing Lynn

Vicki Greene said...

It is so hard to be away from home for something like this. I am glad that the stay and restrictions don't sound too awful. I can't believe it is snowing already - wow. Keep us updated.