Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The portrait is finished ...

Finally on Thursday, July 16th I got this portrait on its way to Texas. It was supposed to be there on Saturday before 3 p.m., and it did, but the folks at the address were expecting a package from FedEx, so the post office left a notice and took it back. I finally knew that it had arrived safely on Monday. And, he liked it! I am pleased. This portrait was done with graphite in a .55mm mechanical pencil for fine detail. The leads I used ranged from HB, to 2H, and a 3B, but mostly it was done with the HB lead.

Since, I have been slow doing anything else. I guess I was pretty wound up pressuring myself. The customer was not pressuring me at all. I believe he has the patience of Jobe. But sometimes that makes it even worse. Know what I mean?

Now I am working at getting an entry into the next "Small Works - Big Impressions" show at the Wildlife Experience in Parker, Colorado. The deadline for that is August 5th. I think.

I'll sign off for now to get back to work, but I promise to be back sooner than a MONTH! Eeek!

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