Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sick and tired ...

Hello all,
I pretty much view my friend Lynn's Blog everyday. She has links to my Blog, and it has been stuck on "I'm Sorry ..." for ever, and I finally got sick of looking at it there. I'm sure she has too. So ...
To begin with, the show I talked about on that post is over now, and was a really nice group of paintings. Wonderful actually. My little cougar got a lot of attention, but didn't sell. Sigh ... Then December 6 and 7th there was another opening at the Thunderbird Gallery, and as always we have a lot of fun there. Even had some sales.
I tried to take pictures of that amazing moon we experienced a couple of nights ago. When I went out to see it, there was this massive ring around it. I couldn't get the whole thing in, but at least you can get some idea from the picture I did get: The moon is oblong because I had to stand still and hold the camera still until the shutter closed.

I thought it was pretty amazing!
The exciting news, for me, is that I have published my first Giclee. It is a watercolor painting, 14"x19", titled "Small Comfort." The original is available, but it is so nice to have less expensive prints to offer, and they are really beautiful. The Limited Edition is only 150 prints. The printer did an outstanding job.

"Small Comfort"
After the first of the year I'll be having Giclee's made of another watercolor, also 14"x19", titled "Fishing the Shallows." It is a Grizzly fishing a small stream.
I'll say goodbye for now, with the hopes that within a day or two I'll be back with a picture of the Bear print. Time to feed the wee little dog.
P.S. Expecting a huge temperature drop tonight. Down to +1 degree they say. Brrrrr~

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