Monday, April 14, 2008

"His Funeral"

I cannot believe that a month has gone by already since my last post. I'm sorry about that and will try to do better. However, I'll be in a marithon for the next 3 weeks to complete the last of the third adoption book. But I'll try.

The title is odd here, but it is the title of a poem I wrote in honor of Hans' 68th birthday, April 9, 2008. It is a limerick. Actually I don't like limericks. Seldom read one I liked. However, when I started this poem, it sort of began to fit the meter of the limerick, so I ran with it. Once I checked the rules for a limerick, it went pretty fast. So ...

"His Funeral"
That he planned his funeral is factual
And being a prankster quite actual
He prerecorded his voice
So when we kneeled on the joist
He said, "Hi there! Don't I look natural."
This has been getting a lot of good and fun reviews. And the fun part is that this really was something he talked about doing. He used to laugh and laugh at the thought of someone coming up to his casket during the viewing and hearing him say that. Sometimes he would think of another phrase to add, but this one was his favorite. He never got as far as actually recording his voice, but he really enjoyed planning it!
There has been another snow or two since the St. Patty's day snow. One about 3" and very, very wet. Was the first real moisture we had this spring so far. Today was 77 degrees. Brought out buds on the tulips and the graphyesenth.
My son Hans has been working on Mom and Dad's old camper, and it is running like a top. Now for all the little nuisence quirks. Like the gas tank gauge not working. Worked fine when the engine didn't work, but not now that the engine does. Go figure. It will take a little time to find all the little stuff. Going to have to look for an owner's manual for the camper part. Hope I can find one on line. Wouldn't want to do something wrong starting the heater or the fridge etc..
I am looking forward to loading up my art supplies, camera's and laptop and go someplace quiet to draw or write. Where I plan to go probably won't have internet service, but oh well! I'll just have to "rough it." I'm expecting that Gizmo will get quite used to his new and small home. We'll have a good time I'm sure.
Time for bed me thinks. See you the next time I get around to it.

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berto said...

Whoever owns this blog, I would like to say that he has a great idea of choosing a topic.

Judith Angell Meyer said...

Thank you for your welcome comments. I'll keep on writing from time to time for sure, and hope to keep it interesting for everyone.