Friday, August 3, 2007


Well, today I just pointed and clicked for a painting. And got this little piece. The title is "Hunter" and it is about 5" X 7" and a watercolor. I have used this one as my Avatar on most of my art website's. Also on This particular Coyote lives in the Denver Zoo, and he was particularly agreeable to let me take his photograph. But I think that I have caught the "zoo look." I don't think that he looks like a wild critter, searching out his next meal, or being particularly interested in his surroundings. What do you think?
But he was a great study, and I collect the opportunity to photo up close for details, that which I normally only catch at a distance in the wild. I have to admit, however, where I live there is quite a group of them on the river bottom, and they come into my pasture from time to time. When they get to singing to each other over that range, it can get pretty erie out there. Super neat, but the sound still inspires goose bumps. Once they dragged a partial deer carcass up into my pasture, and each day for a while the carcass got smaller and smaller. There is only a leg bone left now.
I think it is a good thing that we don't lose touch with the wild side of this earth. At least for as long as it lasts. We certainly are driving that part of this world out fast. Enjoy it while you can!

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