Thursday, March 1, 2007


Good morning all. Today is sunshiney and the wind is beginning to pick up. It is 36 degrees and is going to feel colder. But at least the pump at the horse trough is unfrozen. Yeah! No more running the hose across an acre and back. So okay, I'm exagerating, but that is what it feels like when I have to run it out there, drain out the water when I'm finished, and carry/drag it back to the mud porch so it doesn't freeze over night.
Last night I didn't get to sleep until sometime after 4 a.m. so am definately going to be looking for a nap this after noon. Arthritic hip did not want to settle down.
Saturday is Poetry Club, and I don't even have the minutes started from the last meeting a month ago, much less have taken the time to think through the poem I'm writing, about the wind gathering speed to joyfully race over the country side, faster and faster, laughing at itself all the way. I'll post it when I have it done.
Todays drawing is Buster. I did not do it today, but it was finished 2/25/2007 and sent off to my friend Lynn Thomas on this Monday. As of today, I'll officially start being anxious that it has arrived okay. She lives where the snow has drifted as high as the corral fences and on a bad day the mail carrier doesn't get through. They are a hardy bunch out there and usually figure it out.
Time to get the day underway. Should have been started four hours ago. Sigh ....


Lynn's Lines said...

AWESOME!! Way to go Judy! My Buster! who would have thought he would be on the internet!! I love the horse drawing too.
it looks wonderful. What a great way to present our "stuff". So neat and organized looking too. You are my inspiration!

Judith Angell Meyer said...

You started this blogging thing. I was only thinking I should start one and you jumped right in. THEN I had to start one or you would leave me behind. See ... we are each other's inspiration.

Now it is your turn to post a painting/drawing in your post! Yeah!

Lynn's Lines said...

So how did poetry meeting day go? Did you get everything accomplished you needed to? I keep looking for more entries on your blog!
love, Lynn