Monday, March 19, 2007

Abused Daisy - And her new home!

Okay ... this is another in the "Think Adoption First" canine series. This is a story of a sweet dog who belonged to the daughter of the man of the house, and when she moved off to California and she couldn't take Daisy with her, her father was supposed to take care of her. A couple of men rescued her and took her to the shelter.
She had a bad cut on her hind foot, and her collar was embedded into her neck. She had no water and was seldom fed.
The gal who came to the shelter and rescued her, named her Krasny which is a Czech name for "beautiful." They were a perfect match.
Many times the pairing of a rescue dog and a new owner is more rewarding than raising a dog from a pup.
And this, then, is Daisy and her new owner!

And by the way, the models for this drawing are my own daugher, and her dog Spunky.
Today was another beautiful day. Perfect except for the wind kept trying to take hold of the afternoon and run away with it.



Anonymous said...

Great drawings, super story. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Love the last paragraph, esp last phrase. I'm going to just steal everything. At least be mightily inspired by it all.
Big hugs, Lynn

Judith Angell Meyer said...

::grin:: In this case you just go ahead and steal what you want. I love it when those kinds of things come out so naturally. I too try to remember the happy accidents so they can catch a ride in one of my poems.

Hugs back,